Blagojce Blagojce
is a leading contemporary artist of the USA and the world, one of few elite artists of past and present whose ability and talent are of a level at which his works are recognized without signature.

Blagojce Stojanovski was born in Bitola, Macedonia. He and his younger sister Sonja are children of Mihailo and Alexandra, whose families share a long history in Bitola. In youth he was influenced by his father, his culture, and the rich historical heritage of his birthplace. Extensive family travels during his childhood exposed him to a rich variety of cultures, people, and artifacts of the Balkan regions, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Austria, the former Yugoslavia, and Europe.

Blagojce received education in construction, architecture, and fine arts in Bitola. At age twelve, his art was presented to the public at the International Children's Exhibition for Fine Art, and was noticed and well accepted by art critics.

As a young adult, Blagojce served in the former Yugoslav Army. Upon completion of service he was appointed in charge of Architectural Conservation and Restoration Department of the County of Bitola, Macedonia, where he directed successful restorations of many churches and antique buildings.

In 1986, Blagojce's exploratory spirit led him far from home to create, share, and exhibit his fine art in Australia. Upon return, he was appointed Technical Director for Conservation and Restoration of Buildings and Fine Artifacts on the Island of Krk, Croatia, where he employed his skills in restoration of one of the oldest Catholic churches in the Balkan region.

In 1988, Blagojce again traveled abroad to continue his education and embrace the endless opportunity of the United States, where he now lives, creates, and displays his art.

Inspirations of Blagojce's art reflect his explorations of emotions of the Balkan Peninsula and Europe's artistic rebirth, and a developing passion to infuse the western world's ancient stylistic past with contemporary significance.

A master of many mediums, his art is embodied in a wide variety of forms, of bronze and marble sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking, murals and original frescoes. Blagojce's subjects are very rich, and range from abstract to ecclesiastical arts. His art shows great depth in capturing aspects of human and animal spirit blended with power, energy, motivation and temperament. Blagojce's favorite subject is the human figure.

Blagojce has been called upon by highly acclaimed non-profit organizations in the United States to design posters which commemorate their contributions to the culture and history of the American people.

His series "Images of Children" holds a special place among his works, in bringing awareness of children's needs to our community with posters which celebrate Toys-for-Tots, and Boys and Girls Clubs. He has contributed art for Native American Spirits, the Women's International Perspective (WIP), Meals on Wheels, Make-a-Wish Foundation, San Francisco Youth Arts, the New York Firefighters Widow and Children's Fund and many other organizations which unite humanitarian hearts worldwide.

Blagojce's fine art is held in private collections, and displayed in art galleries and museums throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia. His exploratory spirit leads in establishing Macedonian artists upon a contemporary map of our world.


Masterworks from Macedonia

Monterey Herald March 6, 2001

Walking into the Pacific Grove Art Center to witness Macedonian artist, Blagojce Stojanovski's works of sculpture, paintings, etchings and drawings is like a voyage into the past where classical art at its finest is displayed in grandiose style. Stojanovski's art is a reflection of this artist/explorer's travels abroad from the Balkan Peninsula, growing throughout greater Europe and evolving into the Western world where the ancient stylistic past merges with a modern significance.

Like Picasso, Stojanovski clearly can work with a range of motifs. His talent is obvious as one enters the gallery. Massive Greek sculptures and reliefs in plaster dominant the back wall, and viewers are immersed into this classical Aegean world two thousand years hence. One does not witness such grandeur in the New World.

Stojanovski's drawings reveal his excellence as an artist capable of mastering many mediums. In this show, his charcoal, graphite, and ink sketches follow a free expression with particular insight into the emotional connections between humans' passion for horses, and the delightful memories of the simple pleasures of childhood.

His work shows depth as he captures all aspects of the human and animal spirit, all blended together with beautifully flowing lines, full of energy, motivation and temperament. This show represents a classic style of art, which has been greatly neglected in this area for far too long.

Blagojce Stojanovski's brave work brings back what this modern world has been missing since the turn of the twentieth century, great art.

- Dawn Dufresne

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