Blagojce Stojanovski

Double Holocaust of the Macedonian and Israeli People

YouTube "The Meaning of the Double Holocaust Mural"

United Macedonian Diaspora 3rd Annual Conference, Washington, D.C. June 23-25, 2011


God created the world to be in harmony and peace with love and respect to exist among all nations. Since the beginning of time conflicts and wars have existed between countries. Empires have come and and gone and the world somehow always resurrected itself; and, that is for the world. The two nations that have been left behind: Macedonians after Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, the most significant general and conqueror in the history of the world; and Israelites, the chosen people of the Old Testament and the birthplace of Jesus, the Son of God, are both still being persecuted, tortured, denied, ignored because of who they are and not for what they have done.


The people with their strikingly similar challenges and painful struggles for their existence to be accepted are still bleeding throughout the 21'st Century. The two nations of innocent people forced to migrate throughout the world in order to survive have rightfully become a nation of stronger and resilient people in their struggles to fight for who they were born being, a nation of Macedonians and a nation of Israelis. In turning toward the universe and the unseen galaxies we refer to the simple rights of freedom of speech, a free society, and humanity for one's own identity; and yet, the world applies an unimagined "irony" in double standards; whereas the humanistic conditions for all people have not been applied to all nations. The innocent people of Macedonaia and Israel continue their challenges to be recognized, today, of the past 2000 years; their painful struggles and sufferings have yet to cease!


Blagojce brings forth the humanitarian spirit through his symbolic art representing the voice of the people ready to conquer all the struggles and pains of past and present. Through this series his art symbolizes the defense of human rights for the Macedonian and Israeli nations with their similar struggles. He is among the most recognized of contemporary master artists of the USA and throughout the world. In this unique, first-ever presentation of the "Double Holocaust" series, he uses the image of the horse in the manner of the "Old Masters" with excellence in draftsmanship displaying the power of line, composition, and color, towards a movement with spirit, sensuality, and temperament: the struggle for surviving amid turmoil, tumbling, and twisting with a will for living with an identity of their own. This is representing the spirit of the two nations in their struggles and fight for survival of their very existence: a combination as of one soul with the power of thunder and movement that is like a ball of fire with a great force that will bring them to the next dimension.


The "Double Holocaust" mural is for the people and their spirits. Through the images of the horse are united, similar struggles for survival and a rarely seen humanistic approach of an artist's voice depicting the spirit of the time, regardless of century, regime, order or living conditions, of two nations which share a comparable painful existence, and a spirited eye toward freedom to exist now, and in the future.


SYMBOLISM: Through the eyes of the horse we can see their fragility, struggle, hope and at the same time the entirety of the whole universe and beyond. At this time only pain can be felt from observing this magnificent art work; the complexity of the poses, the grip for survival and the freedom of our minds and souls. The design in the movement of the poppies stages the background of the composition, culminating in turmoil in the middle of the scene. In Blagojce's art, you will find the message of freedom that has been missed for so long, the bridge that is connecting the last centuries with the present; the message from one generation to another and a desire to walk in this century and into the future with the spirit of the free man and a free nation and for the planet Earth. The two eyes on the painting are also representative of the constant presence of God, something that people often forget.


COLORS / SHAPES: The black color is representing the sorrow and chaos of the people. The red color of poppy flowers is that of sacrifices of past and present generations; and, the young buds are representing the rebirth and hope of new generations of the Macedonians and Israelis. The white color is for the representation of the innocence of the people and their bright and open future. The geometrical color shapes represent the rewards of God into the future and their liberty. The clouds are symbolizing the constant weight and burden that is forever present over the people.


This symbolic art work is the symphony in iron, presented on canvas, representing the spirit of the two nations with their struggle for survival, the chaos, and hope for a better future, the endless fight of the Macedonians and Israelis for their existence, and their fight for survival to be who they are. They are the people of the Old and New Testament, and through the eyes of God, we are all the same GOD's people.


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