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Artists and Horses through the Centuries


Blagojce, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Franz Marc, Meštrović, Delacroix, Leonardo DaVinci, Tiepolo, Praxiteles ... and many more.

    These are the artists that have led the art world in different styles throughout the centuries. What all these artist share is their focus on the horse in many of their most intimate pieces. Every one of them represented the horse in a different style and technique but with the same passion. The spirit of the horse comes alive in each piece of work - their freedom and survival.


    The most creative artist of the twentieth century. In his monument, Guernica, the horse is the center of the composition. It represents the human soul squashed by the fascist regime of Franco and the people's spirit in this time; pain, destruction, the dying of the nation - all portrayed with power. Throughout Picasso's art career he used horses to express his feelings about the people and events existing in his life. As shown in the etchings for the series of bull fighters with matadors and the series of Minotauromachy etchings, memorialized by Martin Ries.

Salvador Dali

    The most imaginative mind of his century and the father of the surrealist movement. The power in his line drawings of horses are the innermost distinctive of his career. The spirit, the momentum, the movement are all embodied in his image of the horse, for example in his series created for Goethe, Mao-Zedong, Apollinaire, Ronsard, and Sacher-Masoch.

Franz Marc

    The man of war. The emotion, love, and trust radiating from this excellent colorist and artist in the form of the horse. Power, sensitivity, passion and the fight for survival and freedom. The life and future to be.


    In the perfect sense of the word - explosive. Full of power, energy, movement, spirit, emotions and struggle. In no other way could he represent all this with any other subject. He made his statement like a ball of thunder through the power of his horses.


    One of the contemporaries of Rodin, produced excellent sculptures and beautiful compositions. He showed the viewers that marble and wood can speak volumes to us if we only listen. His horses were powerful protectors of all the good that we possess; stability, freedom, strength, integrity and pride. A great messenger through his work.

Leonardo da Vinci

    He mourned on his deathbed because he would not accomplish the monumental sculpture of his horse. He held such great dedication and attachment, the legend of our world of art. Reminding us to stand on our feet regardless of the burdens we carry in our time on this earth. The power of survival, the elegance of the composition and line, the struggle, the connection between the horse and the human and the spirit trying for one more chance.


    Rumbling through the sky - the horses and chariots and gods and goddesses could never have reigned without the power of the horse. No composition of his would ever been complete without the spirit of the horse.


    The beautiful scene of horses and people from the Parthenon hold the elegance, movement and true beauty of sculpture. Everything is represented in the manner of a symphony building the momentum toward the ultimate climax of the composition. There are no words to describe the grandeur of this monumental art.

The Real Art

    At times only pain can be felt from observing these magnificent artworks. The complexity of the poses, the grip on survival and the freedom of our minds and souls. In Blagojce's art we find what we've missed for so long, the bridge connecting last century to the present. And walk in this new century with the spirit of the old masters.
No matter what century, regime, order, or living condition all these artists have the image of the horse in common. Through this they can represent the spirit of the time, that's what they are all reaching for. To my beloved teachers: to paint the horse like a horse makes you a good painter, but to paint the spirit of the horse makes you an artist. Art is a passion like lightning with line, color and emotion. That's the voice of the artist.


    One of the most recognized contemporary artists. In this series he uses the horse's image to express himself in the manner of old masters. The excellence of his draftsmanship, the power of life, movement, spirit, sensuality and temperament combine as one soul with the power of thunder. The movement is like a ball of fire, power that will bring us to the next dimension. In the eyes of the horses we can see the entirety of the universe.


Blagojce Stojanovski

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