Blagojce Stojanovski

Art, what is it, what is the desire?


What inspired the people through the centuries from the beginning of humankind to the present? What drew those cultures to create the art? The wall of the caves, the pyramids, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Aztecs, the Native Americans, the New World and today. What and why did these people do it? Was it a form of communication, expression, records of events, decoration, design, or just a past time or hobby? From early in life, we have a desire to hold a pencil, and draw and express ourselves. Around us, all our lives, people are attracted an drawn by for fun, hobby or trade. What is the art for the professional artist? What distinguishes the professional artist from the painters? The answer is simple. Art is language, or alphabet used by the artist to express themselves. Like the poet uses the words, the musician uses the keys. The language that comes through the heart, through the brain and the soul, can feel the blood boiling in the body, the ideas and thoughts, everything is on fire -- that's the desire and the difference.

When I make my art, that's me ... my thoughts, my words, my body language, my mind and my soul. All together in one place at the same time, delivering my thoughts to the surface of the canvas, paper, marble stone, clay or anything else I can put my hands on.

The power of line, it's like a string of the instrument. It can speak our desires, beginnings and endings. The power of color is the light of the day and the darkness of the night. Art is a language for the artist to express themselves and say what they have to say.

My art is about the human soul, about society, humanity, respect, tolerance, double standards and privilege. It is about the right of every human being on this planet to breathe freely on this earth without borders and fear. Through my art I want to unite the people of every color, class and country, from every place in the world and to remind them that we are all sons and daughters of the mother earth, that we must share this land and to help and love each other because that's the only way to achieve happiness. By looking at my art, I want the people to see themselves, to see that we are all humans, to feel the person in the painting, to feel their happiness, pain or desires, to realize that we are all the same, human beings of flesh and blood, all one. I want people to think and find themselves in my art, to bring them to the bare ground, to remind them of our humanness and our frailty.

The eyes are the window to the soul; through them we can see the world and the world can see us.

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